Anatomy Certification Program




Become an Authority in Yoga Anatomy



Begin the Five Filaments Professional Certification led by experienced yoga teacher, anatomist, and author,

Karen Kirkness MSc

How you'll grow:
  • Earn your "Graduate Degree"  in anatomy for Yoga Teachers.
  • Develop as a teacher and become your studio's Anatomy Specialist.
  • Offer classes as a CERTIFIED Five Filaments Specialist Teacher.
  • Differentiate yourself professionally, and feel confident offering yoga in more clinical and private settingss
  • Teach a more nuanced and skilful class for a wider variety of people at every stage of life.
  • Be qualified to offer anatomical training for yoga Teacher Trainings at the 200 & 300-hour level with supporting content at your fingertips.


The 2022 Five Filaments Certified Specialist Training 

This Training is for movement teachers and anyone passionate about the new paradigm of spiral anatomy. Level up your offering with this unique program designed to inspire you with inclusive and accessible theory and practical training.

Early Bird price until Dec 31st 2021.


Early Bird Discount

What's included in your certification curriculum?

1. Anatomy Inspired, the online anatomy course especially for movement teachers!

This unique online course offers between 20 - 35 hours of content. It is entirely pre-recorded and you can work at your own pace through the unique presentations and learning activities. Check out the Course page for more details.

2. Five Filaments Foundational Training

Five Filaments Foundations Weekend

Do you love yoga and also yearn for the next level in your teaching practice? Five Filaments brings everything you know about yoga to crawling and rolling patterns that are neuro balancing, fascia focused, playful and inventive.

Learn a new biotensegrity-informed approach to augment your current offering as a movement teacher. The 5F work is based on spiral anatomy theory for constraints-led teaching.

This Training consists of one pre-recorded theory lesson plus two live sessions (3 hours each, all practical) over zoom. 



3.  Five Filaments Practical Training

Anatomy of Adjustments Practicum 2022

You can choose to work at your own pace with recordings OR get involved with the live online option.

This 20-Hour Practicum consists of ten two-hour seminars, live on Zoom, one per month over ten months in 2022. All sessions will be recorded and will become evergreen online training videos you can access for two years after the date of registration.

Each workshop contains the zoom link for registration (you must pre-register for each workshop ahead of time to get joining instructions).

Click the button below for workshop dates.


Five Filaments Sequencing Masterclass 2022

If you're inspired by the spiral movement community but don't know where to start, this video library is for you. Practice along with these short videos and learn themes and sequences you can modify to suit your intention.

Each section of the Masterclass video library is organised by Filament so you can learn the fundamental movements of each spiral. Once you have the basics, you can mix and match the spirals for a balanced flow of longer sequencing.

Early Bird price until Dec 31st 2021.

Early Bird Discount

4. Professional distinction & support

The Five Filaments Specialist Certification comes with all of the above training stages PLUS:

  • Online access to the 5F Community 
  • Access to session plans & sequences
  • Successful graduates are invited to display their 5FS badge


Five Filaments à la carte 2022

The following online workshops are each two hours of working with physical adjustments of a single spiral. All 14:00 - 16:00 UK time. Attend live or watch the recording!

A daily meditation on spirality in motion

Ignite your curiosity, inform your practice, and inspire your teachings with next-level exploration of motion meridians based on nature's spiral motif.