Workshops + Courses

Online Anatomy Course

This unique online course rolls out on April 1st, 2021. It is entirely pre-recorded and you can work at your own pace through the unique presentations and learning activities. You can enrol now on either of the pricing options below or check out the Course page for more details.

2021 Online Training for Yoga Teachers

5 Filaments Specialist • 23rd - 24th October

Do you love yoga and also yearn for the next level in your teaching practice? Five Filaments brings everything you know about yoga to crawling and rolling patterns that are neuro balancing, fascia focused, playful and inventive.

Learn a new biotensegrity-informed approach to augment your current offering, inviting (but not requiring) intensity and complexity. The 5F work is easily modifiable and suitable for the antenatal and postpartum context.

This Training consists of one pre-recorded theory lesson plus two live sessions (3 hours each, all practical) over zoom.