Specialize in spiral anatomy 


Learn to teach systemic anatomy 

You're a movement teacher ready to take a deep dive into spiral motion through systemic anatomy. The Five Filaments Specialist certification program starts with Anatomy Inspired, a systemic approach to anatomy pedagogy that anyone can learn. This course is steeped in spirality, evidence-based science, and constraints-led movement. You'll grow as a teacher and as a professional equipped to lead your own spiral anatomy-infused offering.

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Theory and practice, integrated.

Develop a deeply embodied understanding of spirality in anatomy that will elevate your confidence as a teacher. This work will qualify you to teach spiral-based anatomy in your movement community.

The Five Filaments form a fully integrated rubric for both breaking down movement and also bringing it all together into a practical perspective. The 5F Specialist training is a professional qualification applicable to anyone interested in diving deeper into the art and science of movement.

Who is this training for?

The Five Filaments Specialist Training is for yoga & Pilates teachers, personal trainers, and anyone with a previous qualification as a movement professional. The work we do is for you if you are ready to recalibrate everything they taught you about anatomy, develop your intuitive sense of movement, and bring a new level of professionalism to your clients.

This training will best serve you if:

  • You are deeply curious about new paradigm anatomy, holistic/wholistic physiology and fascia.
  • You have a previous movement or therapy qualification that you're ready to build upon.
  • You are a self-initiated lifelong learner passionate about movement as healing.
  • You are interested in community, mentorship, and continuing education.
  • You are interested in applying the theoretical aspect of spiral anatomy to a system of movement that will augment your current approach.
  • You would like a strong anatomical foundation for engaging with women's health issues such as active birth preparation and postpartum support.
  • You love to move!

This training is not for you if...

  • You are not interested in relearning anatomy from a fascia-focused perspective.
  • You are content with the nuts-and-bolts model of classical biomechanics.
  • You are attached exclusively to a predefined system of movement.
  • You prefer an entirely didactic approach.

The Curriculum 

This professional online training pathway is uniquely based on spiral anatomy as applied to movement. 

Everything you need to evolve in your career as a movement professional. 

Invest in the complete Five Filaments Specialist Training (best value), or start with the Foundations Weekend on its own. 

5F Foundations Weekend



  • Online workshops either live or pre-recorded
  • Work at your own pace with access to recordings for one year
  • Learn the foundations of each pair of spirals
  • Explore the foundational movement sequences behind the Five Filaments
  • Take away new insight and practical movement you can use right away as a teacher.

5F Specialist





This anatomy-inspired professional certification is uniquely grounded in spiral biomotion and suitable for those looking to deepen their enquiry into how the helical fascial matrix informs human movement. The Five Filaments Pathway is an online journey from Foundations to Specialist, working at your own pace of discovery.

The required reading for this Training is Karen's book, Spiral Bound: Integrated Anatomy for Yogawhich you will need to buy and have around for continuous reference. Don't forget to download your PDF, Reflection & Growth, the Online Companion to Spiral Bound included in your fees for this Training. You'll receive the download link immediately after you register.

Where do I start?

Start with Anatomy Inspired (AI). It might take you 6 weeks or 6 months, you can feel confident about working entirely at your own pace!

When you've finished AI, you will receive a follow-up email inviting you into the Spiral Anatomy Fundamentals mini-course, three hours of content that you can work through at your own pace. This work will help you refine and synthesize your understanding of the 5F to get you confident actually speaking the language!

Once you complete the simple assessment of the mini-course, you will be invited to the next live, online 5F Foundations Weekend Training. The next one is on the 26/27th February 2022 on Zoom. If you finish after Feb, no worries! You can engage with the recording or wait until the next opportunity to do it live.



Once you've done the foundational work, you will receive a Welcome email inviting you to register for the ten workshops in the 5F Adjustments Practicum starting January 2022. You can attend these live on Zoom or do them as recordings. These 2-hour practical sessions (ten in total, one per month) are very much physical so be ready to move! 

Here are the 2022 Practicum dates (you can pop these Sundays into your calendar but don't stress if you can't make them all, you will have 1-year access to the recordings). All 2-5 pm UK time.

  1. Hand Filament: Opening Spiral Jan 16
  2. Hand Filament. Grounding Spiral Feb 6
  3. Shoulder Filament: Opening Spiral March 6
  4. Shoulder Filament: Grounding Spiral April 3
  5. Foot Filament: Opening Spiral May 15
  6. Foot Filament: Grounding Spiral June 19
  7. Hip Filament: Opening Spiral July 10
  8. Hip Filament: Grounding Spiral Aug 7
  9. Axial Matrix: Flextension Sept 4
  10. Axial Matrix: Twist Oct 9

Use your access to the 5F Sequencing Masterclass (video library) from the date of registration. Once you have completed all your training modules, the final assessment submission comes at the end of the Masterclass module. Submit this assessment to graduate from the 5FS Training.

You are now well steeped in the spirality of anatomy and you can speak the language, embody the theory, and cue with verbal and physical proficiency. You will then have the 5FS Professional Qualification badge to add to your training repertoire.


Triangulated Tissue

Learn about the fractal nature of tissue expressing itself through triangulation.


Model Movement

We will build models to get a feel for how triangulated tissue allows for movement and stability.



We'll explore how nature expresses herself in patterns especially evident in the spirality of tissue.

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