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My Yoga Offering

Hi everyone! Here's a quick reference to my schedule into December 2020 and the New Year.

Livestream Yoga schedule 

3-Hour LIVE CPD Anatomy of Adjustments workshops

All on Saturdays, all 13:00 - 16:00  - Online + in-studio (max capacity 7 in person) 


05/12/2020 Anatomy of Adjustments: Progressive Inversions

02/01/2021 Anatomy of Adjustments: Restorative Backbends

06/02/2021 Anatomy of Adjustments: Hip Rotation

06/03/2021 Anatomy of Adjustments: Shoulder Care

03/04/2021 Anatomy of Adjustments: Core Restoration

01/05/2021 Anatomy of Adjustments: Thoracic Space Exploration


Teacher Training at Meadowlark


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