Spiral Bound is here! my book spiral bound Oct 02, 2021

Now published!

I put my heart and soul and then some into this book, and my message to you through this work: anatomy is accessible. Anatomy is actually a living science that emerges through each of us, and our bodies are interconnected with nature through the filamentous structure. In time, we...

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Online Chapter: Reflection & Growth is now available! Jun 21, 2021

This online resource is your hub for all things spiral in the new paradigm of anatomy. Get your PDF here.

What you'll find:

  • Short summary of the book chapters
  • Exploration of spirality in nature
  • Integrated description of spirality in yoga philosophy 
  • Spirality, chirality, and fractality in...
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Evolving Timetable practice schedule timetable workshops yoga yoga classes Nov 18, 2020

My Yoga Offering

Hi everyone! Here's a quick reference to my schedule for Summer 2021.

Livestream Yoga schedule 

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What are the Five Filaments? anatomy for yoga five filaments postural yoga Nov 18, 2020

Postural anatomy

I developed the Five Filaments approach to anatomy as a practical way of learning how the body moves. It brings key concepts from embryology together with rotational rhythms to support an evolving body intelligence from the inside out.

The concept resides in common...

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