Stay at the forefront of the paradigm shift in anatomy.

Inspire your anatomy journey while working at your own pace through this 20+ hour online course enthusiastically presented by Karen Kirkness and augmented by resources from the legendary Kenhub online anatomy hub.


The Curriculum 

This 20+ -hour course drips out to learners one week at a time over 6 weeks. You can engage with the first week as soon as you register. Thereafter, each module is released by email in seven-day increments (one week at a time) from the date of enrolment purchase.

Karen presents a unique curriculum through the lush anatomical resources of Kenhub.

Get blown away and pulled together all at the same time with the incredible suite of anatomical imagery presented in engaging clarity with options for taking your learning further each week in the creative homework opportunities.

A Systemic Approach

Get a feel for all 11 + 1 anatomical systems for a truly big-picture perspective that takes into account the integration of all physical systems for a well-rounded understanding of what makes us whole.


This course weaves in threads about the development of anatomy from the first moments of life to see how the human body forms itself into its adult configuration! Now crucial for contemporary movement professionals.

20 Hours of presentation + 

This course is packed with relevant and applicable presentations from Karen that you can get stuck into at your own pace. Watch as many times as you need to and get creative with innovative activities designed to support your confidence.

Sharpen Your Edge

Yearning for the next level? Karen brings the latest in cutting edge research on tissue to her straightforward presentations so you don't have to wade through the jargon to stay at the forefront of physical culture. 


So you're a beginner to anatomy? Welcome! You'll find your confidence and your people here, learning the Classical anatomical systems together with ideas about where to go to build your repertoire of basics.


Even if you're an anatomy pro, you'll find new insights about how to enrich your teachings with detailed bonus videos and homework around using creative techniques in your own offering as an anatomy teacher.


We are here because we want to DO more with what we learn. In fact, most of us LEARN BY DOING. Anatomy Inspired is designed to get you seeing, engaging, and taking action to integrate the concepts in your own tissues for robust neural connections with instant practical applications in your own practice!


Nobody learns anatomy so they can be less connected to others, right!? We are here because we CARE about being our best selves, for ourselves and for those we care about. Karen shows up from the heart and will help you find your confidence in anatomy because that is her PASSION.


And do we even need to say the F-word? Mainstream anatomists throw it away during dissection, but there's no denying that everyone else is fascinated with fascia. We'll take an objective approach to seeing the spectrum of connective tissue for what it is: integration and multistability.

Anatomy is 4D

Upgrade your foundations in anatomy with a multidimensional approach to tissue informed by embryology and inspired by a collective experience rooted in fascia.


Triangulated Tissue

Learn about the fractal nature of tissue expressing itself through geodesics, closest packing and triangulation.


Model Movement

We will build models to get a feel for how triangulated tissue allows for movement and stability.



We'll explore how nature expresses itself in patterns especially evident in the spirality of tissue.


Everything you need to stay at the top of your game. 

Anatomy pedagogy is rapidly evolving. Dive into your own learning practice and transform your teaching toolkit for years to come.


Learn through creative practice and transform your offering as a movement teacher.


I'm offering all my teaching tools to you for lifetime access. From body painting to model making and beyond, you'll find teaching tools here to take your instruction into the world of 21st Century anatomy. Whether your goal is to learn the basics of Classical anatomy or to level up your pedagogical chops, I'm passionate about facilitating your transformation. 



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