Classical meets Contemporary 

I teach anatomy and movement from the heart with techniques forged in experience and grounded by my evidence-based approach to inspiring next-level education for movement teachers.


Hi, I'm Karen 

Welcome! Are you somewhere between movement practitioner and curious seeker left cold by the nomenclature of traditional anatomy? I'm passionate about the connection between creativity-in-the-moment and reinforcing the constraints endowed through us by Nature. If you are looking to explore this connection too, let's start with a fresh approach to anatomy through a fascia-informed perspective.


Understanding the concept of spirality has been a game-changer for my teaching and personal practice. It is a highlight of my learning to discover Karen’s workshops, tapping into her wealth of knowledge with creative and intuitive explorations of the body.


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Sequencing Foundations Weekend 2022

September 24 & 25, 2022 • online

Do you love yoga and also yearn for the next level in your teaching practice? The Five Filaments Foundation Weekend brings everything you love about yoga to spiral movement patterns that are neuro-balancing, fascia-focused, inventive and suitably challenging.


Inspired by nature living in movement

Anatomy is fractal, helical, and multi-dimensional. 



The Foot Filament 

Start your journey from the Earth upwards. Karen demonstrates the grounding spiral of the foot using the Visible Body virtual cadaver.

Shoulder Filament

How do we greet the sky? Learn about the scapulohumeral rhythm in this free 15-minute demonstration using the Visible Body virtual cadaver.

The Axial Matrix Filament

The pelvifemoral rhythm links the femur, pelvis, sacrum, and lumbar tissues into a complex function region. See how it links into the Axial Matrix here.


Level up your anatomy to teach yoga with greater confidence.

In my online course, Anatomy Inspired, you will learn the foundations of Classical anatomy alongside contemporary principles to guide your practice as a movement teacher.


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Oct 02, 2021

Online Chapter: Reflection & Growth is now available!

Jun 21, 2021

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Nov 18, 2020

What are the Five Filaments?

Nov 18, 2020