Anatomy For Yoga

By Karen Kirkness

Karen Kirkness is a yogi and artist fascinated by the anatomical principles that underpin modern postural yoga practice. She teaches anatomy for yoga with a special interest in working with the body’s natural spirals to safely increase range of motion for progressive asana practice.

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Geometry, Anatomy and Yoga

Using a range of innovative teaching techniques, such as life drawing and body painting, Karen offers unparalleled instruction in her Anatomy for Yoga trainings perfect for anyone interested in the connection between geometry, anatomy, and yoga.

Karen Kirkness brings her interactive, hands-on approach to the study of anatomy for yoga teachers. Her workshops and trainings involve the use of body painting, props, illustrations, and group activities in class that bring human anatomy concepts to life for teachers and students of yoga. Read on for more about Karen’s cadaver-based trainings that bring yoga practitioners closer to the real anatomy than ever before…

Anatomy for Yoga

In her Cadaveric Anatomy for Yoga courses and workshops, Karen works jointly with the University of Edinburgh Anatomy to Department to bring yoga practitioners the unique opportunity to work with cadaveric specimen to discover yoga-specific anatomical concepts together with anatomists.

This unparalleled 40-Hour course includes 14 hours of study with licensed anatomists presenting cadaveric material at the University of Edinburgh. The course hours start in the yoga studio as preparation for the discovery sessions in the Anatomy Department at the University of Edinburgh. In the Anatomy Teaching Lab, participants will get to see the anatomical concepts in the form of real body material relevant to the asana concepts.


Antenatal Yoga

Yoga practice is an invaluable tool for all stages of life at any age.

“I found the practice especially suitable during my pregnancy, and as a primer for preparing my body well before conception. Yoga is well known for its transformational qualities, and it can be especially powerful for couples trying to conceive and during all stages of pregnancy.

If you’re pregnant, new to yoga, and/or trying to conceive, I invite you to explore my ideas for antenatal yoga practice in the Vimeo collection here. As ever, it is best to learn yoga in person from an experienced teacher, but video can be a useful tool! Use wisely in conjunction with a sensible plan for health and wellness under advice from your healthcare clinician.”

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