Yoga Anatomy Training

Fascinated by the human body?




Small wonder! Our bodies are supported by the skeletal system in a tensegrity structure consisting of 206 bones harnessed for movement by a crystalline semi-conducting myofascial matrix called the Extracellular Matrix (ECM). Learning about the major compression members (bones) and tensile members (muscles, connective tissue), is like appreciating the role of individual instruments in a symphony.



Anatomy workshops and courses with Karen Kirkness (MFA, MSc) offer an insight into the human body for students and teachers of yoga, and anyone interested in the architecture of the human body.  

Certificates of Attendance are offered for weekend and longer training courses with Karen. All hours taught by Karen are recognised as CPD by the Yoga Alliance and the Yoga Alliance Professionals governing bodies with which Karen is registered as a senior teacher with the highest levels of experience. Karen is one of a few providers of continuing education for yoga teachers as a YACEP with the Yoga Alliance.

With the aid of presentation software, props, body painting and 3D models, Karen delves into the anatomy of yoga whilst simultaneously allowing students to get hands-on in small groups. Interactive learning and innovative teaching techniques are at the heart of Karen’s teaching philosophy. For a full list of Karen’s workshops, check out her schedule.

Without a doubt the most unique opportunity to study anatomy with Karen is at the University of Edinburgh in her 40-Hour Cadaveric Anatomy for Yoga Course.  This unique course brings yoga practitioners even closer to anatomy with 14 hours working with cadaveric specimen to discover the relevant anatomical concepts together with anatomists.




My Yoga Anatomy Training Aims:

  1. To learn and become fluent in basic anatomical terms relevant to yoga practice
  2. To gain a basic understanding of human anatomy especially in terms of the Extracellular Matrix (ECM).
  3. To apply anatomy and biotensegrity concepts to the practice and teaching of yoga

My Yoga Anatomy Training Objectives:

  1. To participate in large group lecture and Q&A sessionss
  2. To engage in small group creative activities
  3. To actively apply the teachings in yoga sessions throughout the weekend(s)
  4. To incorporate what I’ve learned in practice sessions outside the Training weekend(s)
  5. To do the homework to the best of my ability
  6. To shadow/observe yoga classes and provide feedback

Yoga Anatomy Training Booking


I designed my unique Anatomy for Yoga Training Course for people who learn through doing. The content is delivered through a visually engaging series of lectures, followed up with small group activities that will get you synthesising the information into memorable experiences that are yours to keep.

Body painting is one of my favourite ways to revise the relevant anatomy and get to grips with bony landmarks. The paints used are non-toxic and washable.  We will also build tensegrity models, and models of the ventilatory system. If you’re interested in reading more about my philosophy about anatomy for yoga, check out my Anatomy Story.


You will need to bring your yoga mat to the training days, or hire one from the studio. The yoga aspect of the Training encompasses the following:

  • pranayama
  • asana (Ashtanga-based)*
  • philosophy & chanting

*the asana practice is suitable for those with some experience of Ashtanga vinyasa yoga. Please get in touch if you’re not sure! You’re welcome to check in with us in the Mysore room at Meadowlark Yoga.


Each weekend will culminate in a homework assignment that will be reviewed as a group in the subsequent weekend.


My Trainings are delivered in Edinburgh, Scotland, at Meadowlark Yoga. I also teach abroad, check my Schedule for trainings elsewhere in the world.

The cadaveric sessions are held jointly with the Anatomy Department at the University of Edinburgh.

Meadowlark Yoga



Don’t delay! Get cracking on your studies now with a tour of the Kenhub online anatomy resource, and check out my forthcoming book, Spiral Bound: biotensegrity for yoga, out in 2018.

 Get started at home with a tour of the human body through the Kenhub application. All my Trainees receive an exclusive discount on Premium access to this incredibly useful learning resource to accelerate and enhance your uptake of anatomical concepts on the Course!


Edinburgh is a green, historical, and cosmopolitan capital city steeped in a long tradition of anatomists! If you’re coming to one of my trainings, don’t miss a visit to the Surgeon’s Hall Museum.

Discover the beauty of human anatomy in practice through a variety of innovative training techniques to engage every learning style.

All materials provided.

• Suitable for all levels

• Especially perfect for previously qualified 200 Hour Yoga Teachers or those simply seeking to take their practice further.