Ashtanga Yoga with Karen in Edinburgh

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga “Mysore style” forms the basis of my own daily personal practice and I teach as part of the Mysore Team with Sarah Hatcher and Emma Isokivi at Meadowlark Yoga.

From March 6th – June 8th, 2017, I will be teaching in Edinburgh at MLY, most weeks, Monday to Thursday from 05:30 – 07:00.

If you already have an Ashtanga practice, please contact me to tell me when you’re coming:


If you are a Beginner to Ashtanga Yoga and wish to start practice with us, please contact me so we can get you in the right place (there is a Contact Form after the FAQ below).

Here are a few basic FAQs about starting a Mysore style Ashtanga Practice:

What is the minimum commitment?

Great question. 😀

We require a minimum of one month in the Mysore program, or the full duration of your Beginner’s Course, whichever pertains to you. This is to ensure  that a mutual understanding of the practice takes root between teacher and student. It takes time to learn the basics properly.

What if I don’t know the sequence?

If you’re coming to practice with us with no prior experience of Ashtanga Yoga, we recommend you first come to observe a morning session for 30 minutes. You can learn a lot by watching first! You will then be given the very first instruction to learn Surya Namaskara A. That might be all you do for that day. In the days that follow, you’ll be given more pieces of the puzzle at pace with your adaptation to it.

Is there a video I can watch to at least get some idea of what I’m supposed to do?

Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is traditionally taught directly from teacher to student, in what is called parampara, or a lineage of teachings. The best way to learn and synthesise your practice is in the hands-on approach vis-a-vis with your teacher. That said, the internet (and video instruction) is an emerging tool to aid in this process, and can be very useful! So here is a humble offering to my friends and family, and faraway students, who have asked for some online resource to get them started:

Surya Namaskara A & B coming soon.


How often should I practice?

Well, I practice 6 days per week and take off the days of the New and Full Moon, and ladies’ holiday. My fellow yogis do the same. We all adapt to the changing needs of our bodies, for example in the time leading up to and following childbirth. Like anything else worth doing, for anyone interested in progressing deeper into the real benefits of yoga practice, you need to be prepared to make it a daily routine.

What do I wear?

Comfortable clothing, as natural as possible. Material should be breathable and supportive of the body’s contours, as well as covering of all the vulnerable areas. What you’re wearing isn’t as important as the fact of its cleanliness!

And that brings us to…

Can I come to practice after my workout?

As long as you’ve showered before entering our practice room, sure. Personal hygiene, including your mat, clothing, attitude, and aroma, are all crucial for everyone in the communal space to have the best chance for a positive experience while we are together. No shower, no entry!

Please get in touch if you’d like to work together with me in the Mysore room in Edinburgh:

My husband, Simon, and me with the Mysore Three Sisters: Harini, Sasikala, and Haka.