Anatomy for Yoga

Karen Kirkness brings her interactive, hands-on approach to the study of anatomy for yoga teachers. Her workshops and trainings involve the use of body painting, props, illustrations, and group activities in class that bring human anatomy concepts to life for teachers and students of yoga. Read on for more about Karen’s cadaver-based trainings that bring yoga practitioners closer to the real anatomy than ever before…

Cadaver-based Anatomy for Yoga

This unparalleled 40-Hour course includes 14 hours of study with licensed anatomists presenting cadaveric material at the University of Edinburgh. The Saturdays are held in the yoga studio as preparation for the discovery sessions in the Anatomy Department on Sundays, where participants will get to see the anatomical concepts in the form of real body parts relevant to the asana concepts.

This comprehensive anatomy course is comprised of two weekend workshops perfect for teachers and students of yoga. The booking page is now open for 2018. The workshops can be attended separately, but for best results the keen student of anatomy for yoga should participate in the full course for the 40-Hour CPD Certificate of Attendance.

Throughout the training, students will be encouraged to look more closely at their own patterns in asana. Teachers of yoga will thus be able to see their own students more clearly, resulting in better teaching. The course is designed to bring greater confidence to all students of yoga with regard to identifying potential injuries and working towards reconditioning old habits.

Here is a handy shortcut to the booking page for individual weekend Anatomy for Yoga workshops in 2017.

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